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Temporary Ordination at Bhaddekaratta Hermitage, Malaysia

About Bhaddekaratta Hermitage (Malaysia)

Bhaddekaratta Hermitage was established in 1999 by Late Venerable Vajiradhamma. It is located at Batu Pahat in the state of Johor in West Malaysia, about 3 hrs from Kuala Lumpur airport and 2 hrs from Singapore by car. The Hermitage is surrounded by a lush forest reserve and oil palm plantation, providing a tranquil and conducive environment for meditation practice. The Hermitage welcomes people with serious intent in meditation practice.

Travel Tips

Transit via KL (Kuala Lumpur) is much easier than SG (Singapore) airport,

Contact details :
  Mr. Pho Chong
 +60 17 748 7263

A brief about temporary ordination

“The Bhaddekaratta Hermitages Buddhist Monastery is a great place for practising patience, simplicity, renunciation and humility. It organises temporary novice ordination which is open for males and females of all ages and nationalities, throughout the year. It has full range of facilities for temporary ordination, and anyone who is interested to become a Novice (“samanera”/ “samaneri”) can ordain temporary any period at your discretion in this Monastery. Temporary Ordination is the norm among Thai/ Burmese/Malaysian Buddhists and most men/women traditionally ordain for a short/long term according to their desire. These Novices live according to ten precepts but are not required to follow the full range of monastic rules.

If you want to know more about ordination as a novice monk, you may visit Bhaddekaratta Hermitages website ( or contact directly  +60 12 727 4545