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Welcome to Bhaddeka Vihari Group of Hermitages.

Latest News (18th January 2018)
Residential Meditation Retreat at Ripplebrook Meditation Center - Melbourne, Australia

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This website is intended for those interested in listening to Dhamma talks in Sinhala and English, particularly those by Venerable Wagadapola Wimalagnana, as well as those interested in forest monks living in Sri Lanka. It is also intended for monks, both Sri Lankan and foreign, who are interested in staying in the hermitages.

The Bhaddeka Vihari Group of Hermitages had its origins in 2003 when Venerable W. Wimalagnana, its chief monk, built a hut or hermitage in the forest near the village of Tanjan Tenna, 23 km south east of Balangoda. Since then it has gradually evolved and in 2010, Venerable W. Wimalagnana opened a substantial and fully equipped central meeting place, called the "Gilanhala" ("Infirmary" or "Sick Ward"). The main purpose of these Hermitages has been to provide an opportunity for monks from all traditions, Sri Lankan and foreign, to live in seclusion and practise the Buddha's teachings independently.

In the 11 years since it began, this Group of Hermitages has evolved and grown steadily. Now there are more than 25 monks living alone and practising in secluded huts or caves, which are about 2km or 3km apart, in the beautiful forests and mountains in an area of about 10km x 20km surrounding the Gilanhala, near Tanjan Taenna.

The monks living in these huts or hermitages do not use money and go daily on almsround for food to separate villages that are closest to their huts or caves, which is typically about a 3 km walk. They live in the hermitages without any obligation to perform ceremonies or teach, as well as any other involvement in village activities, and when they fall sick they can receive the necessary attention at the Gilanhala with the support of other monks and laypeople.